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Pregnant Anna Simulation Game Description

The story line of this game is the essential works that Anna has to perform after her pregnancy. There are several facts which you can discover while playing the game. The game shows that Anna becomes very nervous after being pregnant. Now she wants to meet a lawyer and a doctor. The player has to play the game intellectually so that Anna can perform all her works carefully and perfectly. She is ready to meet with a lawyer. The purpose of this meeting is to make a new health insurance that can provide her all the treatments properly. And she doesn’t have to pay any extra cost to avail treatments. One big reason for her new health insurance is that the old health insurance is not suitable enough to provide all the medical facilities. After the lawyer, Anna meets a doctor as a regular check up. As a player, you have to arrange all the necessary things so that Anna can avail the basic and the essential treatments from the doctor. Also, you have to see that the baby is in a good health condition. Also, yon have to track all the activities of Anna so that she can take care of herself, which is very necessary. Now for every player, whether a new or old, this game is absolutely a new game. The concept of this game is truly very amazing and at the same time unique.